Making My First Android App And First Blog Post

Let me preface this by saying I am not a great writer and I will make many mistakes, feel free to correct me and as always keep it friendly and courteous , thank you!

A little bit about me: My name is Brandon and I have been struggling to learn programming for the last few months, but I still find it fun. ¬†I have done a few Arduino projects, I like to make eBikes, and play some video games(PC of course). That’s all you need to know for now..

Right now I am going through a book called Head First Android Development, the O’Reilly Head First programming guides are very fun and easy to follow, and I highly recommend getting them if you’re new to programming. No I am not paid by them to write that. I personally like them because they aren’t just a wall of text and they explain things in detail instead of just saying do this and that and voila magic! Anyway, my plan for my first Android app is going to be a battery pack calculator and I might add a solar portion to it later. Since I am into eBikes(aka electric bikes) and sometimes I get curious how much it would cost to make a certain battery pack, how much energy it would have, the discharge rate, max charge rate, etc. Instead of whipping out a calculator every time and going back and forth wondering if I entered certain numbers correctly I am going to attempt* to make an app where you just enter the parameters and it will spit out some information like a simple cost breakdown and specs based on key information you have entered. I’m sure there is already an app out there that does this but I think it would be a fun project to learn on. I will make a few post as I make progress on the app and I will make a post once its done, the app will be free so you can check it out when I’m done. Thank you for reading!